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revitalises and protects against split ends

with natural Huma


LMB Anti Static Revitalising Shampoo contains natural Huma and pure Lavender Oil, aimed to absorb the static in the hair, this in turn relaxes the hair follicles, allowing better blood circulation and nourishment. Reducing static is also vital for prevention of split ends. In addition, our special mix of Yellow Huma (Fuller’s Earth clay) is rich in zinc, magnesium and other natural microelements, promoting healthy rapid new hair growth and preventing premature hair loss, making the hair thick, healthy and shiny.

The science behind it

Our health depends on electro-magnetic balance! However, with our busy stressed, technological lives of today, we are exposed to, and retain, much higher levels of electricity than our bodies can cope with. In turn, this has a shrinking effect on our capillaries, leaving the skin and follicles under nourished, dry and causing split ends. Our special mix of Yellow Fullers Earth has the remarkable capability of immediately absorbing the excess static from the hair, returning the hair and skin to full balance and moisture.

Active Ingredients 

Yellow Huma (Fullers Earth clay), Lavender Oil


Wet hair with warm water, gently massage the shampoo into the hair and scalp. Leave for minimum 2 minutes and rinse well. Follow with LMB’s Nourishing Conditioner. Use daily for lasting results.

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