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Private Label Natural Products

LMB & Private Label

We are pleased to offer our active, fresh and natural, health & beauty products as a Private label, with no minimum quantities and at a wholesale price.

all products made in the EU & with GMP certification

made from pure plant extracts & no artificial preservatives.


Our Concept and Philosophy - Pure • Simple • Honest

Unique to any other Natural skin & health & beauty brands, LMB utilises the unique natural energy in specific fresh plants, aimed to instantly boost the self-repair and restore the skin, hair and body back to its prime health and vitality. LMB’s fresh formulations are aimed to synchronise with the natural biorhythm of specific areas of the human body, resulting in fast healing. The highest amount of plant energy is harnessed from fresh plants, while live enzymes remain. Due to this, it is of the greatest importance for our plant formulations to be in its natural uninterrupted form to be most effective. Therefore our serums are in special small dose airtight packaging to prevent oxidation and keep fresh at all times, with no chemical preservatives.


Our Aim

To address the constantly increasing awareness and demands of the young consumers’ busy lives, who appreciate and seek to choose pure and natural solutions with no chemical preservatives, parabens or thickeners, for effective and long lasting results.


Source of Ingredients & Production

To harness the highest level of plant energy, we use only fresh pure plant extracts and 100% organic essential oils. The base ingredient of most of our products is fresh & pure Bulgarian rose water and oils, acknowledged to be the highest quality in the world due to the unique geographical location, soil composition and underground thermal minerals of the Bulgarian rose valley. Because of this, 90% of its annual production is purchased by the French perfume industry at a high cost. LMB develops, produces and packages products at source in Bulgaria where many of the most powerful raw ingredients originate from in order to secure the best price, supply and freshness. This gives LMB the advantage of being able to offer our unique fresh, premium products at a highly competitive price. 


All the natural ingredients used in LMB products have individual EU certification. They, therefore, do not need to go through rigorous clinical testing and certification unlike chemical-based products do in most markets. In addition, all LMB products are strictly manufactured in compliance with European Cosmetic Regulations (EU) 1223/2009 and manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in accordance with BS EN ISO 22716:2008 (ISO22716:2007).


Brief History

  • Founder of Le Mont Botanique first came across a highly effective traditional natural hair-loss remedy in Bulgaria which has been used for centuries in Europe. Using a specific herbal recipe with fresh, locally sourced concentrated plant extracts, which successfully boost the self-repair stage of the hair follicle growth cycle.
  • Le Mont Botanique brand was launched with its unique concept of utilising fresh plant energy to boost self-repair, with no chemical preservatives.
  • Following the success of the hair care range, a line of simple and effective skincare serums were also developed, followed by simple but powerful plant-based supplements to boost the body also from within.
  • All our formulations have an EU profile, endorsed by certified clinical practitioner and the Anti Hair Loss Concentrate holds a clinical trial certificate by IEC in France. LMB has an EU recognised GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and FSC (Free Sales Certificate) certification.
  • A major focus has been on our production and quality control, as well as on time and on budget prices, and scalability to handle the production of large orders.


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